Time to Decorate, and you are confused ??

Pakistan Furnishing Culture:
There are many misconception about getting your home done by an interior designer , like they may cost too much or hiring them too complicated, there are few important points to understand before  you reach to professional, but it’s not rocket science ! 

Idea of furnishing a house intimidates more people than buying a house  In Pakistan, many  people consider buying a house as a valueable investment, which is not as promising when buying furniture, especially if you do not have  enough knowledge and experience in this regard. However you can not have a house turned in to a home unless you furnish it according to your taste.

 The only debate is that,if you can do a better job your self, or should hire an interior designer?

There seven “FAQ” every one should know before they start a home decorating project.
Q1-How much money one should allocate reserve/ for this project? Budget?

A- There is no limit to decorating and furnishing budget, however look at your life style and importance, need of this project, then ask around how minimum money you need to spend per room, and consider,  that if you can spare that much then approach a interior designer, (with that amount in mind plus their fee, off course) any way you decide to sign your contract, percentage/ flat fee/ or by the hour.

Q2-  Should we get all rooms done or start with one or two of main areas for decorating?
A-Again it is up to your budget, and need, however it is a good idea to ask your interior designer if they are offereing any special deals for more than one room projects?it can get you a good deal.

Q3-  What should be the contract, payment  method with percentage? Complete project, flat fee?or by the hour fee?
A- Most popular payment method is:
(1) percentage bases,how much you spend on your furnishings a mutually decided percentage will be payed to Interior designer.
(2)flat fee works better for smaller project, where there are not many alterations required or some repairs are involved.
(3) Hourly payment is an expensive option, as all phone calls, emails, and logistics efforts, discussions, meetings, will be billed by the hour.

Q4-hould I go for Just consultation with a designer and buy ,order all my furnishings my self? or let them take care of all the leg work?

A- Some one with enough experience with home /office renovation can get it done ,if they know the basic lingo, and have enough time to cordinate contractors for different jobs simultaniously its not impossible,( usually run around and logistics end up proving that it is better to) “let the expert do all the hassel, and enjoy your investment in your home”.
Q4-How long it will take to get one room decoration/renovation done?
Average furnishing one room project should not take more than two weeks, once you made a contract. Room renovation with repairs or demolition will take from a month to three months.
Q5-Can i have my commercial space office/ boutique/ salon furnished by an interior design person?
A-Interior design is required for all spaces, however need and style changes, business space is where you earn from so, it is even more important to consult an interior expert  for the right impact.
Q6- We are having a family reunion on this holiday and I want my house to look best, when should i call an interior designer.DSC_0365-001
A- At least a month before for one room redeco, and three months in advance if you want it right before your holidays.
Q7-Dughter is getting married , she have some idea , but need some advice to pull together all the things she like for her new home.
A- It is a best idea to ask an interior expert’s advice before you throw money on many expensive pieces. Especially bride who have many other preps to deal with in a short amount of time.

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