Sectional Sofas, One Style Suits All !

   If included in your home furnishings list a  Sectional Sofa is a piece of furniture which almost every family will cherish for years,  From very  straight line leather sectional to completely  

          Message us on our Face book store here to  Order Sectional Sofas from Studio East Design

Here are few facts about sectional sofas;
  • Sectional  Sofas are not only for bigger spaces, actually smaller houses can benefit more from this useful piece of furniture,  it defines a room , and wastes less space than a traditional 3+2+1 sofas.
  • Usual sectional are consist on at-least 7 seats.
  •  More than one Sectional can be used  in one large room to accommodate more  family like gatherings.
  • Usual 7 seater Sectionals are priced reasonably between  Rs 65000 to,Rs 85000.
  • You can Order  a custom sectional sofa (replica of pictures below) by Studio East Design in colour of your choice. 

You Can  also buy  one from  your favourite show room  any where else in Pakistan, Do enjoy  the comfort it brings !

 We found some great deals in sectional sofas here: Obsession Outlet Online Store in Pakistan, they are custom orders you can’t buy them instantly but order while sitting at home. Sectional Sofas On Order



Sofas given below are beautiful and more easy to blend in, however they are from somewhere outside of Pakistan ,but any of our custom furniture makers can do the job as good, that also at much more affordable cost .


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