New Sun Catchers: A Thing of Beauty !

Sun Catchers

“Dew Drops” or Snowflakes
window decor

Window décor have seen many variations in past few decades , We tried every thing from very heavy velvet curtains to Chiks (bamboo blinds) however now finally we learned to appreciate the abundance of light in our climate . We still love drapes for  their beauty and privacy both but, now most Pakistani like lighter curtains  in design and in  layers. The new windows have more of “sheer drapes“then ever before,.. From cotton Krundi to organza and lace, our windows now adore every thing elegant ! 

Now we see new “Sun catchers”  as an elegant addition for these windows , just as  an icing  on a cake!

You can custom order them or get silver and gold embellished online at Jharoka Studio East

.WD 8

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