Artisans of Pakistan, Origins and Inspirations !

A Melting Pot  of Civilisations:

Pakistan have a range of  arts and crafts  to its pallet, from folk arts to  regional intricate wood works. This region is a melting pot of people from  diverse ethnic back grounds  who settled in this region,which  moved here at different parts of  the human history and  when they migrated to this fertile and naturally rich land,  they also  brought   many creative arts and crafts  skills  to their new home in Subcontinent.

Earliest Civilisations Mohenjodaro and  Harrapa : 

We were  also the bed of earliest civilisations of this world, so it comes natural to people here to carve, create and innovate.


Natural  Resources Rich Land :

Rosewood ( Sheesham) furniture from Chiniot is world known for its intricate craftsmanship , from Kashikari of Multani blue pottery to PaperMachie from Kashmir, Pakistan is blessed with  lots of natural treasures marble,Our northern areas are stacked with treasures like  Emerald, Ruby  if you just name a few, and then there is Marble, salt mines, serve as a resource for creativity.

Mughal era was very supportive and encouraging for artisans, craftsmen. Royals used to invite artisans to their  precious projects from around the world.

 Historical buildings in this region  are clear evidence of  Mughals  special appreciation to their artisans, after  hundreds of years, their work  still shines through the splendour of  Badshahi Mosque , Jhangir’s Tomb, Lahore Fort, and a lots of other historical buildings in and around Pakistan which display a very rich architectural and design workmanship and still serve  as an inspiration for our contemporary designers in textiles to art and architectural fields.

   Do we  realise  Furniture, Arts and Crafts   as Design  industry yet ?

 With  rich natural resources  and many unique  heritage  of artisans as  our treasure , we  still don’t seem to have a worldwide image of  a  design producer country , We do not  even have one  value added product,   which rest of the world  should only come to us, or a unique identity which should give us recognition for our design and craftsmanship instead of just “importers of  the most expensive items ” which starves our artisans and discourages  our local producers.



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