Furnishing Designers; Get Listed Here !

We are spread in three ways to communicate our theme first of all we use our vehicle of social media to bring spot light to those of our furnishings and architectural designers from Pakistan which are showcasing our centuries-old heritage in design or in source !

*We Comment on the work of Furnishings Designers, Architects, Artisans and how they are evolving,…. We wish to see them jointly turn in to an industry to represent Pakistan worldwide .
*We evaluate our local originality of design in this time of internet.
*We want to start a discussion of originality in design industry and its economic standing shrinking global village.
*We want to inform and educate our small producers, craftsmen, artisans and small shop owners to be more business ready , use opportunity of on-line selling, and  to be able to face international competition in furniture and design industry.

Contact Studio East :

Email: 2studioeast@gmail.com
Call: 03088881153
Whats-App: 0320-844-1153
FB: http://www.facebook.com/2StudioEast
Twitter: 2studioeast
Web ; 2studioeast.wordpress.com/

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